Baby pictures: At Home, with Family

Welcome back, and for you, a second helping of baby pictures. We left the hospital later in the day, by around five, and we had a nice evening to unwind with the little guy while Chloë and Rex-Goliath spent the night with Laura (Chloë’s Mom to those a bit out of the loop). Laura brought both of them the next afternoon, and some of these pictures capture their first meeting. I won’t prattle on – just check out the photos!

This first set are of a freshly bathed Mama and baby. It’s hard to deny the loveliness.

003 (2)

004 (2)

005 (2)

006 (2)

007 (2)

Xavier dressed up in the obligatory Baby Brother onesie to meet his older sister and brother.

013 (2)

Rex-Goliath sitting on Daddy’s lap, holding his brand new baby brother.

001 (2)

002 (2)

004 (3)

Here is Grandma Vicky. Don’t be alarmed, Xavier was actually in the middle of a killer yawn in this first picture. Grandma doesn’t usually make kids scream until they’re a little older.

018 (2)

021 (2)

Chloë, ever the amazing older sister, here holding Xavier.

022 (2)

023 (2)

024 (2)

Xavier just chilling out at the park.

012 (3)

013 (3)

014 (3)

And to finish the set, here are a few pictures of the precious variety.

005 (3)

006 (3)

007 (3)

– D. Wonderful

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    Sheila said,

    What a beauty baby congradulation !!! Family and Grandma Vicky…….

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