The Rex-Goliath Lexicon

A day with Rex-Goliath is delightful, for the most part. He is an adorable, mostly lovable, antic sweetheart of a boy. He can run like a pro, jump like a champ, punch like a jerk, and play with the best of them. He has his own idea about everything, and he communicates his little heart’s desire in his own tongue.

Which is frustrating – for Mama, for Daddy, and most likely for Rex-Goliath himself. There are moments in every day when we have absolutely no idea what he is talking about, and it can be a bit of an issue as his babble gets more angrily repeated. We have been able to decipher some of his primal language. He speaks with some obviously derivative English words (eg: “Cah” when taking about a car), but he has words that are entirely of his own creation.

Here’s a rough dictionary.

Ah-ha: A dog; specifically Princess Pug, usually accompanied by…
Heesh: A leash, primarily used to antagonize the dog
Goh-goh: Literally “Brush Club”; time to brush teeth
Nighigh: Time to go to sleep; sleeping
Dighdigh: Good-bye
Cah: Car
Coco: Chloë
Dada: Vacuum cleaner; source of fear and interest
Fooh: Time to eat; food
Heeant: An ant, occasionally a bug
Kohdee: Water; a cup with water or other beverage; play with water in the sink; occasionally Mama milk
Nunu: Rex-Goliath, self-referential
Ok: All done; “Get me out of my high chair now.”
Ow: A cat
Pow: An Airplane
Puk: Truck
Sim: Swim, Take a bath

– D. Wonderful

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    Lizzie said,

    Man, it’s been a while (a few weeks)! I need to come over soon, meet Xavier and see everyone 🙂 I miss you all. Rex-Goliath seems to have widened his vocabulary! Let me know when you have a weekend I can come over.
    Elizabeth L.

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