In the thick of it

It is Friday, and I’ve been assigned a spot covering the front desk at work, which, although outside my capabilities, seems to be going pretty well. There are no phone calls and no visitors, which makes the gig sweet. Sweet enough to afford time to make a post. Which I am doing.



It’s been about two weeks since our return to work and school (for the adults), and we’ve been predictably busy and tired. My first week back to work was brutal (about 80 hours brutal), and this week has been a bit of a hangover. Standard operating procedure. Leah is receiving a crash course in parental acrobatics – flexing her slightly atrophied mathematics muscle in pre-calculus and doing god knows what in “Perspectives” class while juggling a couple of parasitic wee boys. The “Get Into Pharmacy School” plan is undergoing infinite mutations and tweaks and appraisals. It’s a big topic around the house.

The latest spelunking of the plan uncovered the hideous realities of child care – namely, the egregious cost of shoving the kids into another’s purview. I don’t know if you, dear reader, are familiar with day care costs, but it’s, like, in the hundreds of dollars. Many Hundreds. Seriously – it might be cheaper to rent another apartment for some strangers and move the kids in with them. If anybody knows a good, or even passable, illegal immigrant that would work as a nanny for food and shelter, send them down to the Ranchero De Luxe.

The latest member of Team Wonderful to get off her hiney and get to contributin’ will be the lovely Ms. Chloë Savahn. She begins escuela next Tuesday! She is excited! No, actually, I don’t think she is! But it doesn’t matter because she’s going anyway. She’ll be a Second-Grader, which I am honestly shocked by. They grow up so fast. There has never been a more accurate cliché.

My lovely, pretty cool sister Kesah (HI KESAH) sent us a great care package that arrived last night. There were treats for the entire family (even you Elizabeth (HI ELIZABETH)). I’m now sporting a swanky stainless steel water bottle agog with robots and rocketships. It pairs nicely with a manbag Leah bought for me however long ago. Also robot heavy. It’s a cool thing.

Speaking of Leah, she received a pink Dell netbook this past week. Now she can waste ample time on the internet even if Chloë is knee deep in Spore or I’m whilin’ away the hours in Dawn of Discovery.

I don’t have much more to contribute. Enjoy your Labor Day, preferably by not laboring.

– Mr. Wonderful

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