Fall Family Fun

While Dan was slaving away at his unfulfilling and unrewarding chef job, I decided that getting the kids out of the house would be a fine idea. When it is fall, there is no place like the apple orchard/pumpkin patch. I love fall, and feel the need to participate in fall-like activities. That is what families do, right? Frolic in the fallen leaves, the sun dappling on their hair, smelling of apple cider and bonfires? The fam and I meet some friends, the lovely Melissa and Eric (and their adorable offspring, Willy) at Aamodt’s Apple Orchard. Elizabeth was spending the weekend with us, so she joined us.
We have a lovely picnic (on a blanket, like picnic pros), while the toddlers escape every three minutes or so (amateurs). Rex-Goliath is positively obsessed with the tractor-driven hayride. Pointing, gesturing, making it clear that we should ride the hayride Right Now! We distract him with the hay maze, where a few college co-eds make goo-goo eyes at him the whole time. Chloë enjoys herself, crawling under the rolls of hay while I panick that one will crash down on her and cause disaster.
PA170142We then spend a few minutes trying to figure out how to pay for the hayride, how to get on the hayride, where to wait in line for the hayride, which hayride to take (not the one with no side railings where Rex-Goliath and Willy could leap off the back with abandon). We then wait. In reality, we probably only waited for about five minutes, but in Toddler Time, that is an eternity.
PA170157Finally. Time for the hayride.
Rex-Goliath will not get on the hayride. Not interested. Will not even move from the spot that he is standing. I am not going to be that parent, dragging my screaming kid onto the hay ride, screaming the whole time, making everyone else’s ride

incredibly enjoyable. And, considering that I have an infant strapped to me, it isn’t that much of an option.
So we wave good-bye.PA170159
Once I finally convince Rex-Goliath that I am not trying to trick him into boarding the hayride, he follows me down the path to the miniature tractor

world. Good times. The others meet us after the hayride. The kids zoom around on the little green and yellow trikes and the adults frantically snap pictures, hoping to get a good one because it is impossible to see the LCD screen in bright sun. Let me tell you, these people really have a racket going. We are in a tennis court (maintained in a mediocre manner, at best), with about 15 or so trikes (2-3 of them broken) and a hay bale or two thrown in to make you feel like you are on a real farm. All of us suckers pay $2 a kid for this! The apple orchard people are probably raking it in from these rusty trikes. Shrewd businesspeople are they.
After the tractor-trikes, we mosey on down the road to the pumpkin patch. By mosey, I mean load up the car, nurse the baby, buckle three children into appropriate child restraints, locate snacks for the two minute ride, tell two children to shut up, call Melissa to double check the location, nearly get stuck in a mud puddle in the apple orchard parking “lot” (read: swamp-like field) and make two u-turns just to get into the pumpkin patch parking lot. Thank God I had Diet Coke.
Upon reaching the pumpkin farm, we proceed to the actual patch, a process that involves locating a cart, pushing it (containing a child) down a muddy, treacherous path, then through part of a corn maze. The actual patch was a lot less attractive than I thought it would be – mucky, ucky, vines and rotting pumpkins strewn about. Let me give you a piece of advice: save yourself some time, just grab a pumpkin from the giant mountain of pumpkins by the parking lot.
Elizabeth locates a pumpkin fairly quickly. Rex-Goliath is just loving running around and pointing at the pumpkins. Chloë, however, is a perfectionist (I don’t know anyone else like that). She found a very nice pumpkin and deemed it her “maybe” pumpkin. She set it down in a safe spot in case she couldn’t find a better candidate. She set it down in the pumpkin patch. In the midst of hundreds of other orange, round pumpkins. To never be seen again.

After much searching, Chloë still had yet to locate the perfect pumpkin. We decided to look at the already picked pumpkins. The selection criteria were just as rigorous, but eventually a suitable squash was found. I grabbed a tiny one for Rex-Goliath and a teeny tiny one for Xavier, and we were set.
There is nothing that I wanted to do more than sleep during that car ride home. The perfect fall family activity day was exhausting. But fun. And I have a lovely set of pictures to prove it.

A big thanks to Elizabeth for all of her help – Shuffling these kids to and fro is so much easier with you! And Dan and I had a good ol’ time telling you all of the things that they won’t teach you in American history until you are a big college student. You should hang out with us more – we have all sorts of obscure facts to share and tell!

– Mrs. Wonderful

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  1. 1

    Mr. Wonderful said,

    Ladies love them some Rex-Goliath.

  2. 2

    Carl Olsen said,

    Fall Family Fun For the Wonderfuls 🙂

  3. 3

    Lizzie said,

    I agreee! Good times, good times. 🙂

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