Election Day

Election Day is a personal favorite of mine. It is a holiday like any other around the Ranchero Deluxe. This probably stems from the fact that when I was a young college student, I was a Political Science major (still am, come to think of it, due to Metro State’s crazy do-it-yourself major, but the classes are long over with) and would volunteer to drive other students to the polls. We go every year – even the off years. I remember taking Chloë with us just after she turned three, in her little red overalls.

Last year was a banner election year. Not only was the man, Barack Obama, elected, but we learned that morning that little Xavier was on the way. To celebrate the election, we went to breakfast after voting. We also had a little party that evening while watching the results come in.

Team Wonderful, back when we were young:


We were into that election. We spent the first night of our honeymoon watching the Presidential debate and eating french fries from room service.

This year was a bit more relaxed. We took the kids before Chloë had school. The only thing on the ballot were a couple of school referendums. I took Chloë up with me when I voted and showed her how to do it. Although by the time she is of voting age, you’ll probably just think about who you want to vote for and some supercomputer will scan your brain and count your vote.


At first we were a bit hesitant to ask someone to take our picture, but then we realized that anyone actually voting on the off year of off years would be exactly the type of person that would appreciate a family picture at the polls.

Everyone got a sticker, but Xavier thought that his was a snack, so I had to confiscate it eventually.


The fun continued after the voting – Dan gave Rex-Goliath his first driving lesson. Yep. We are totally the type of responsible citizens that you want determining the fate of our society. Good thing we remember to vote.


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