The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I love Christmas. Loooooooooooooooooooooooove it. Having kids at the age where Christmas is fun and magical gives me no small bit of pleasure. Hence, we start celebrating early.

This year, I stumbled across an advent calendar while thrifting with my friend Ashlee. As some of you may know, Target donates some of its scratch & dent and surplus merchandise to the Salvation Army. They also donate some of their sample/prototype merchandise. So I was able to pick up a slightly “distressed”, but functional advent calendar house at the Unidale Mall. I have wanted one of these for years, but could not bring myself to fork over the $30 for one. I think this one ran about $4. A little hot glue and a couple of beads was all it took to get it Christmas-ready.

Instead of filling the thing with candy or some other nonsense, I opted for gambling and merry mess-making instead. There are some scratch-off lottery tickets (the kids won $1 this morning!) and a bunch of slips of paper with activities written on them. The kids watched Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (much to Chloë’s chagrin – not sure what she has against Rudy) on Wednesday, but last night’s activity was much more exciting: We let them make snow worlds out of shaving cream.

This activity was a hit. Rex-Goliath already did it again this morning. It was inexpensive (shaving cream from the Dollar Tree) and simple to clean up. To set up, I made simple landscapes on cookie sheets using Play-Doh and a few pieces from a Playmobile set of Chloë’s. I found toys that I thought might be conducive to snow-scape play (plastic people, rubber bugs, matchbox cars) and let them go to town with the shaving cream.

Chloë immediately knew what to do.

Rex-Goliath needed a little assistance with the can, but he made up what he lacked in strength with ambition – he requested an ungodly amount of shaving cream. The Halloween blizzard of ’91 has nothing on Rex-Goliath land on any given day.

Xavier hung out, watching the action. Princess Pug vacillated between wanting to hide and wondering if the shaving cream was edible.

Rex-Goliath’s world – midway through:

Chloë, carefully adjusting her snowbanks:

Rex-Goliath, almost done:

Oh, no! Thomas!

Chloë, with shaving cream mittens:

Rex-Goliath’s finished masterpiece:

Stay tuned for more advent calendar excitement!

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