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Most of you have probably been wondering where I have been. Okay, some of you have probably been wondering where I have been. One or two of you… Ah, nevermind.

This semester has hit me like a ton of scandalously expensive, back-wrenchingly heavy, brimming full of possibly interesting information textbooks. I don’t even know where to begin.

Bear in mind, it has been ten years since my last science course. I decided to just jump right in this semester. Microbiology, Anatomy & Physiology, Calculus, Chemistry Society and the Environment. Not a humanity or social science in the bunch. Let me break it down.

Calc has been okay – I pretty much get it. I don’t have a lot of time to devote to it. Thursdays are calc days – I do nearly all of my calc homework and attend a 3.5 hour class. Dude does not give exams. Quiz every week, no exams except the cumulative final. This works out in my favor.

Chemistry, Society and the Environment is my throwaway class. It is one of those classes where being present is just about enough. It is an interesting class, but for non-science people. So the chemistry is at a lower level than high school. We have done labs that I am going to convert for my second-grade Brownie troop (I feel that it is important to expose these little women to math and science). We have an exam (actually, I think she calls it a “quiz”) on Saturday (biggest problemo with this class – it takes place at 8:00 AM) and if I study twenty minutes for that sucker, that will be good).

Anatomy and Physiology. It is a lot of work, a lot of memorization, but I am doing well. A & P is one of those classes that just requires time. There is a lot of testing – lecture exams, mostly on the physiology piece, and lab practicals, with things like bones or microscopes with slides of tissue carefully placed about the lab for our identification. Yeesh. The tissues all look the same, I can’t tell one bone from another (they are all that same weird shade of white). And determining whether a bone is right or left? Good lord.

Microbiology. When I signed up for micro, someone that I knew told me it was “fun.” I have to be honest, I really would not call it that. I have a precise system for this class – read the chapter, read again and make notecards with a Sharpie pen, diagram the really important concepts on giant notecards and color them in with colored pencil, then retype and clarify all notes in Microsoft OneNote. These notes, once typed, are a bit of a wake-up call. I am a reasonably intelligent lady. I was a reasonably intelligent lady four months ago. If I were to try to read these notes four months ago, I might have mistaken them for a foreign language. The sheer number of terms I have had to learn for this class is staggering. Things like the lac operon, the poly-A tail, Rho-dependent termination, transvection, beta galactosidase. Apparently the term “mutant” does not refer to abnormally leggy turtles brandishing weapons – it is a bacteria different from its parent.

Notice that when explaining how this class works, I did not actually mention going to class. I do go to class. Every. Single. One. My professor is teaching out of his field. He is a biochemist, is not crazy about microbes, and has a fair amount of stuff going on in his personal life (understandable – heck, if my relatives had been gunned down in their place of business, I might be a little distracted, too). I don’t actually learn anything in class – the prof has Powerpoint slides, reads them to us, gestures a bit. Okay, kids, you are on your own. Lab is even more ridiculous – it is like all Keystone Kops, all the time. Nothing works, the results are ambiguous, my lab group constantly drops things, melts things, fries bacteria, even once nearly bleached bacteria by mistaking bleach solution for water whilst trying to examine how bacteria move on a slide. Our class has tried to make the stuff that you put in petri plates and streak bacteria on twice. Both times, it went awry.

Okay. That’s all I have time for at this moment. The exhaustion of my academic trek is wearing on me (that and all of the recent family drama – most of it too classified for the blog), but it is nice that the faculty and most of the students accept evolution and climate change as facts. Very refreshing.

–Mrs. Wonderful


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Rex-Goliath is three? What the heck?

Rex-Goliath X Kraupa Wonderful turned three last Sunday, and we marked the occasion casually. Grandma Vicky came over for a visit, had a celebratory breakfast (pancakes and tofu hashbrown breakfast thing), we did some presents, and called it good.

The weather, although improving, is still complete snow and ice garbage, and the idea of having a little party with a handful of toddlers in our little place is somewhat horrifying. We’ll be throwing a bit of a bash once the weather turns, probably at a park, an empty field, maybe even a parking lot. Whatever seems like a good idea. We’ll have a full crew: Chloë (Koey), and Xavier (Shayay), and maybe even some friends! like Willy (Weew) and Sebastian (Supbusty). We’ll also have pictures.

Speaking of which…

Happy Birthday Little Dude!

– Mr. Wonderful

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