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A New Era

The nerve center for Team Wonderful. Calendars, lists, schedules, oh my!

We are entering uncharted waters over here at the Ranchero. Dan is going to school. College. It has been over a decade since he has been in a classroom not containing miniature chairs and crayons. So tomorrow, we both start class. This should be interesting.

He is already annoyed at the school’s website, miffed at the bureaucracy, resentful of the cost of books, confused as to why the instructor of one of his classes was named “Staff” on the online schedule until this evening, and distrustful that the Financial Aid Office will actually get it right. Thank God Metro doesn’t require a parking pass – that would have sent him over the edge.

He claims to be excited, though. His backpack is all packed and sitting by the door, which is pretty cute. He is going to rock this – I know he will. He is so smart. I am so glad that he decided to go.

A mere $700 in books for the two of us. We got off cheap this semester!

For me, the summer flew by – six weeks of in intense study for the PCAT, six weeks of hell waiting for the results, a day or two of elation when they arrived (for those of you who don’t Facebook or talk to us regularly, I made the 92nd percentile, which is good), then three weeks of waiting for school to start again. We had some adventures that we haven’t posted about yet (Elizabeth came for the week) and some misadventures (community garden=fail). Everyone except Xavier made it to Target field one way or another, we purchased a total of three be-wheeled items for kids to ride, and managed to grill about two dozen blocks of tofu on our tiny grill.

Schedules, completely full. The schedule for Chloë weeks requires two full sheets of paper to print it out.

The current plan is as follows: Dan and I go to school with our schedules offset so as to avoid daycare. Chloë goes to third grade in a couple of weeks, and Rex-Goliath will go to preschool (!). Xavier will continue to pull laundry out of baskets and drag around the rice cooker at home.

Mama Leah at work, fueled by Diet Coke, coffee, Franzia, and Skinnygirl margaritas.

I am almost finished with my initial application to pharmacy school, and if the professor that I beg for a letter of recommendation tomorrow says “yes,” then I will hit submit tomorrow night. I’ll have to fill out a supplemental application for each school, then hopefully someone will invite me for an interview. With any luck, I’ll have an answer by next spring.

Our inboxes, already jammed full. I probably should have tackled that before school. Plenty of room left, though!

For those of you that are interested in trivia, our classes are as follows:

Mr. Wonderful – Precalculus, Writing II, General Psychology

Mrs. Wonderful – Biochemistry, Genetics, Cultural Anthropology

My planner for the year, titled Entropy. Bonus points if you get the joke.

By now, we are fairly adept at tag-team parenting, but this will be a whole new ball game as far as that goes. Dan and I will probably seldom see each other. It will be good, though. We’re moving forward, one semester at a time.

–Mrs. Wonderful


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Rex-Goliath, Meet Thomas

We all know by now that Rex-Goliath is a fan of Thomas the Tank Engine. Since his birthday celebration was a little lean, we decided that one of his presents would be tickets to A Day Out with Thomas. The gist of this activity is that you cough up twenty bucks a person to ride in some dilapidated passenger coaches pulled by a life-sized Thomas the Tank Engine and participate in some “fun” activities. We decided not to forewarn Rex-Goliath of the occasion due to the risk of being asked when we were going to see Thomas for six months prior to the date. We figured we would get a huge shock-and-awe moment from him when he happened upon Thomas at the actual event, and it would be cute and everyone would be happy.

Once again, my parenting strategy failed me. We did happen upon Thomas, gleaming in the sunlight. “Rex-Goliath, who is that?” we inquired. He looked at us like we were idiots. “Thomas,” he replied, as is he saw a life-sized Thomas every day. This is how our kids are, though. Completely nonchalant at the event, but will talk about it daily until the next completely-totally-awesome-cool thing happens. Rex-Goliath probably would have enjoyed the whole shindig a lot more if Chloë had been present. He is still a little wary of things, and having a buddy might have made the experience much better for him. Xavier just isn’t quite a big enough partner in crime yet.

Here it is, pixel-by-pixel:

Rex-Goliath rides the mini-train they had to appease the youngins while waiting for their turn on Thomas.

Rex-Goliath, looking both suspicious of the whole event and a little lonely

The ubiquitous train tables

Sir Topham Hatt strikes a pose

More train toys

Sand toys. They also had kiddie pools full of soap and bubbles... thank God the kids didn't see those.

Hands-down the best part of the day. I don't know what tropical lounge singers have to do with trains, but this guy was the designated entertainment. And he got the joke.

All aboard!

I appreciate that they decorated the train in a festive manner, but it looks a little like they let Rex-Goliath do it.

Smile! You're getting on the train and I need this for the blog!

Daddy, Rex-Goliath, and Xavier

Mama and the boys

And that does it. Really, the best thing that came of A Day Out with Thomas is the catalog I picked up in the giftshop in lieu of buying the kid a $20 four in train with a face. It is already tattered, and every night, he shows me his plans for every birthday and Christmas gift until he is twenty-three. Next time, he tells me, he wants to ride on Percy. I haven’t broken it to him yet that Percy doesn’t come life-sized.

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