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Crazy math professors and paper chains

Aloha from Team Member Elizabeth, at the new house.
It feels a lot bigger than the “Ugly House” since it’s two levels, but the place is actually smaller. Didn’t stop me from joining the crew! I’ve made a cozy bedroom beneath the nearly-four-year-old’s bed, which is below the loft of the eight year old, and is next to the crib of the 17-month-old. We’ve all got our little places and, being the teenager, I admit it’s not terrible at all. I’m starting to like watching The Bachelor with Leah, eating “ice cream” sandwiches after the kids have gone to bed (don’t tell anybody I know!).
Dinners are quality time. Daddy’s hand might stop on you and turn you into the biggest Torcho in the world; the red sauce will possibly transform you into a teleportating zombie baby. Polenta may give you magical underwear powers and Garbage Meal could make you grow facial hair you have to shave after dinner. You really never know. The few things to expect are “I DON’T WANNA DO NAPKINS!” or “I wan’ big fork!” and of course “Dig in!” which cannot be said loud enough.
The trains are chugging along and everyone is still alive (for now)…..
Tah tah for now everyone.


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The End of an Era

We are moving.

Tonight is our final night at the Ranchero De-Luxe, and I have been surprisingly sentimental about the place. It shouldn’t be surprising. We brought Rex-Goliath home from the hospital when we lived here. We planned, financed, and threw a wedding when we lived here. I went into labor with Xavier here. We had terrible fights, funny jokes, sad moments, and live-changing ecstatic times. The Big Plan was both conceived and realized on this patch of beige carpet that I am currently sitting on. We came up with the “Smell Ya Later, School” Party concept at our kitchen table. Both boys learned to crawl and walk, said their first words, threw their first tantrums. Chloë started kindergarten, lost her first tooth, had her first slumber party, and learned to ride a bike here. Dan and I both went back to school here. Chuckë lived and died here. A lot of hard work and time has been put in here. We have cleaned a metric ton of child vomit off of the floor here. We became a family here.

Tomorrow morning, we will move into the Family Student Housing at the University of Minnesota. For the most part, this is a move up in the world. We’ll have two levels. It will be a better commute for me next fall.

But we’ll have no pug dog. Grandma Vicky has graciously taken the crazy messed-up dog. P. Puggs and I have been through a lot – she used to curl up behind my knees in a sleeping bag when we lived in a house that none of the residents could afford to heat, we subsisted on peanut butter crackers for months when finances were tight. She has put up with so much tail-pulling and eye-poking from kids. She will be missed, but now she has a doggie friend (Tate) and someone to dote on her. No one pulls her tail at Gramma Vicky’s. All dogs go to heaven.

It feels appropriate to move at this juncture. A lot has changed in four years – we have a good thing going. We are ready for the next phase – on to bigger and better things. Stay tuned.

Bonus pic for Ashlee, because she thinks that it is funny that I label my boxes with words like “crap.” It is not funny, however, that Dan labels boxes containing my Martha Stewart magazine collection with “stupid magazines.”

— Mrs. Wonderful

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