Current View from Behind Mrs. Wonderful’s Computer


We never took down the blog. I sometimes thought it might be a good idea, but it seemed like a lot of work. So I didn’t. Rex-Goliath asked me tonight what a blog was. What better way to show him?

So maybe I’ll update.

Life is vastly different than it was three years ago. Insanely different.


Our kids are kids. Legit kids. Chloë is in middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL. Rex-Goliath is in first grade. And Xavier (of whom is known as “The Babby” and shall remain The Babby until he is well into his thirties) is finishing up preschool.


We have had some good times. Three more Smell Ya Later School parties. One first annual Christmas party. We have made new friends in our cool little university neighborhood. We’ve moved on from Thomas the Tank Engine to Cars to Star Wars. We build with the little Legos now. Duplos are history. We are reading the Little House on the Prairie books because Mama read them as a child and the boys seem to like them.


Dan is going to graduate around the same time I do. Computer science. He likes to code and program and all that. He has a knack for it. He enjoys it.


I have six weeks left of didactic work before clinical rotations. I feel as if I have been presented with so much information in the past 3 years, yet remember nothing. Allegedly, you learn everything on rotations. I’m counting on that. I have tried to wring every last drop out of this pharmacy school thing. I work two jobs (best way to learn). I have a niece. I am heavily involved with an amazing student-run free clinic as well as a national organization for clinics of this type. I ran a 7K. I have aspirations and I’m leaving it all on the field.

This rock and roll lifestyle isn’t easy. We have 5 people in a 2 bedroom place. Dan is sometimes trapped with the kids for days because I am gone. The man does so much to make it easy for me to go to school. I sometimes go 48 hours without being able to cuddle with my kids. There are people I call family and friends that I never see. We are student loan living. With one car. We are making it work though. 

The end is in sight.

So is the beginning.




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