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Little Tikes Road Rage

Today Rex-Goliath and I were doing jokes and assaulting each other for a bit in the afternoon. At one point he was coming at me full bore in his Little Tikes car and after he rammed into me I punched it (the car, not Rex-Goliath) in the face. (these cars have faces)

He became irate and angrily got out of his car, came around the front and started hollering at me, while looking inquisitively at the front of his car to see what kind of damage I had done, like a bitter old man looking for the slightest ding or scratch of the paint. There was a little scratch on the bottom (not from me) that he pointed at accusingly. I could tell he was disgusted with me. I laughed and I laughed.

My little guy, the angry driver.

– Mr. Wonderful


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