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After a month, and what’s new.

It is a lovely August Sunday afternoon, all is (relatively) quiet at home, the house is (relatively) clean, and the first month of Xavier’s time with us has passed much as it began, peacefully and gently.

Xavier has been growing into his own just a bit more. He’s chunking up just a bit from some good ol’ Momma milk. Chin number two is in full effect and multiple arm rolls are blooming. He’s finding his voice and letting everybody know he’s got ideas when they come to him. (In related news I have recently inaugurated my ear plugs.) His personality is burgeoning, in the subtle way of a newborn. You get hints, at most, of what you’ve got on your hands. He hints at being a bit mellower than some of us in Team Wonderful. He hints at being a bit more laid back. He hints at being a calm little dude. Of course, I could just be desperately hoping, and reading my own tea leaves in whatever manner suits me.

We’ve spent the last four weeks formulating vast overarching schemas by which to affect our influence upon the gentle world, and hanging out at home in exodus from the day to day to day of the greater outside. Apart from cashiers at retailers around town and some of the beautiful people in our life (of whom pictures will be coming), we haven’t really seen anybody. Which, in all truth, isn’t that different from how we live normally. Just a bit more exaggerated when I’ve been off work and living like a housewife.

Tomorrow will see the first gradual signs of the Team Wonderful machinery grinding back into action, as we reengage with the world. I will return to work after a (generous) leave of four-plus weeks. I may or may not be looking forward to this. Leah restarts class as she begins hitting the “Get Into Pharmacy School” plan with a bit more gusto. It will be interesting to see how we maintain our sanity as we juggle my erratic and sometimes overwhelming work schedule with her daunting and aggressive class schedule with our lovely if sometimes overwhelming set of children. With a bit of help from Vodka Dad and Box Wine Mom we’ll make it out alive. Or dead, but at the very least we’ll make it out.

In future posts I’ll share some pictures of family, which should be interesting to nobody but the people in the pictures. Chloë and Rex-Goliath(!) have been taking some pictures, and I think I’ll dedicate a couple of posts to sharing some of this as well.

We hope all is well with you. Let us know how you are! This blog can serve many masters.

– Mr. Wonderful


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