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Miniature Wars at the Ranchero

This morning Miss Savahn and Rex-Goliath were engaged in some rather involved railroad construction in their bedroom, all the while oblivious to a struggle of life and death unfolding right beside them.

A heat register against the wall was the scene of a vicious tug of war between a tiny spider with its web implements and an ant with its comparatively massive size advantage. The prize? A desiccated fly. Eeew…I know, right? Who am I to judge.

Chloë was the first to spot the battle, but Rex-Goliath and I were quickly in attendance, and we saw an amazing little spectacle. The ant at first had the fly in its mandible, and it wasn’t immediately apparent that there would be much trouble, but it seems that the invisible strands that the spider, a few inches away, had spun was sufficiently holding the fly in place. While the ant tried to wrench the fly out of the web, the spider quickly joined the fray. I’m not sure what the spider had going on, and because the ant was so much larger, I figured it was a lost cause. The two of them, with the fly in the balance, thrashed for a moment and the ant retreated into the gap between the wall and the register. At this point, I’m pretty impressed, seeing the spider’s web craftsmanship apparent prevail.

The ant, however, had one last surge in him.

I saw first his shadowy antennae dancing from the wall, followed quickly by his black body pushing forward, heading straight for the fly. As soon as the ant showed itself, the fly miraculously levitated, pulling up and out of reach of the ant’s grasp. The spider, and his intricate web work had finished the job, and claimed the prize.

And here I though the most dramatic thing that would happen today would be the season four opener of Mad Men.


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