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The Wonderful Minnesota Get-Together

Okay. So I am a little behind in chronicling the adventures of Team Wonderful. We’ve been a little busy. School is going well for all, and I even have an interview at the U of M College of Pharmacy on Friday. And two midterms this week. So in honor of procrastination (on studying, onpurchasing a handbag that matches my new suit, on hot gluing Try-Its on Chloë’s Brownie uniform), I bring you a trip back in time. Back when things were sticky, sweaty, mosquito-ridden, and green. And we meandered about in a Summit EPA-fog and ate the World’s Best French Fries, falafel-on-a-stick, and deep-fried veggies. We went to the art building, mostly to make the children suffer. We skipped the animal barns, because, duh, we’re vegan. And animals are not ours to use for entertainment. Other people in fanny packs and t-shirts with redneck sayings emblazoned across the back are, however, and that was glorious. We bought Chloë a bird whistle. And the baby got all political on us. We exited before the meltdowns began, and probably spent less than $80. It was a good day.

Although it proclaims to be mighty, we did not actually venture out of the kiddie midway.

The Safari Train seemed like an obvious first choice. Only because of the monkey, though.

Despite his intial excitement, the Safari Train was more terrifying than thrillifying for Rex-Goliath

I was really hoping that those animals did something. I was sorely disappointed.

Dan's attempt to thrillify Rex-Goliath

Apparently the carnie (I mean, ride guy? entertainment engineer?) has to put tape over this image (and others) in certain states. But we're not that progressive in the great old carve-a-lady's-head-in-butter state.

Fun Slide is the best name they could come up with.

I would totally let this dude on without a ticket.

Dan and Chloë catch some thrills in a dragon.

The kids on the whale-rider ride.

The topless, bubble-blowing mermaid on the whale-rider ride.

This man's sole purpose in life is to make the lives of parents difficult.

Obviously, the baby will be voting DFL this November. Fun fact: we learned of his forthcoming existence on the day Obama was elected.

Mmmmmmm. French Fries.

–Mrs. Wonderful


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She’s eight, folks

Okay, so this one is nearly a month late. But hey, better late than never, right? Come to think of it, considering that I have altered the date, I have no idea why I have even shared that I am tardy to the party. I am too honest.

It is hard having two blended families. It is hard spending half of your life at one house, and half at the other (I imagine). The big perk: three birthday celebrations. Here are the pics from celebration #1, a little shindig at the Ranchero De-Luxe with a very exclusive guest list (read: only people that reside in apartment 2C or stay here regularly):

Members of Team Wonderful are forced to make their own birthday cupcakes

Miss Chloë, expert pastry chef

Xavier catches up on reading while waiting for cupcakes

The batter was actually better than the cupcakes themselves. Especially with soy ice cream.

Would you believe that you can get eight candles into a mini-cupcake?

Her first grown-up gift, a joint project between Elizabeth, Dan and I

Elizabeth is CRAZY!

The birthday girl, contemplating her defeat of Daddy at checkers

After going through these pictures, I realized that I should clarify something: my children do own clothes – nice coordinating outfits, even. They just choose to rip them off and strew them about the house.

–Mrs. Wonderful

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